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Meeting of New Zealand Trade Minister with Russian Minister of Agriculture Print E-mail

New Zealand Trade Negotiations Minister Groser had met Russian Minister of Agriculture Mr Fyodorov in Berlin on 19 January. More on their meeting in the Russian media:

19 января в Берлине в рамках деловой программы Международной выставки «Зеленая неделя-2013» министр сельского хозяйства Российской Федерации Николай Федоров провел встречу с министром торговли Новой Зеландии Тимом Гросером.
 Глава федерального аграрного ведомства отметил, что российская сторона придает большое значение развитию сотрудничества с Новой Зеландией.

Fonterra buys Russian asset in New Zealand Print E-mail

16/01/2013 Fonterra has confirmed it paid $48.5 million for the assets of failed Canterbury milk processing company New Zealand Dairies.

The Studholm dairy company was owned by Russian infant food manufacturer Nutritek, whose parent company went bankrupt.

Receiver BDO’s report showing dominant New Zealand milk processor Fonterra paid $48.5m for the South Canterbury assets has been confirmed by Fonterra.

NZ Dairies, in which the Russians invested more than $100m, was put into receivership in May last year, owing more than $26m to its farmers and throwing their supply future into doubt on the eve of a new dairy season.

Who has the right to Antarctic? - Russian perspective Print E-mail

Jan 4, 2013  The Voice of Russia (radio) Next century may see replotting in the Antarctic. As soon as scientists find ways of extracting oil and gas from under layers of ice 1 kilometre thick, at least 30 countries will make claims on the sixth continent. At present scientists continue working on the southernmost continent where they mainly study the resource base.
Huge resources of oil and gas are hidden under the ice cover of the Antarctic. It is a proved fact but at present the development of these fields is too difficult and unprofitable. In addition, many countries are held back by the status of a continent. According to the treaty on the Antarctic, no one has the right either to draw state borders there or develop mineral deposits.

The Hobbit: USSR vrs New Zealand 28 years later... Print E-mail

January 2, 2013, (Russia Beyond the Headlines) While Peter Jackson’s "Hobbit" is currently shown in Russian cinemas, RBTH introduces a Soviet adaptation of John Tolkien’s iconic book that came out in 1985.
A footage from the Soviet version of "The Hobbit" adapted for the screen - "The Fairytale Journey of Mr. Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit.” Source:
The first real attempt to turn Professor Tolkien’s book into a film took place in St. Petersburg Studios, with a budget that ran not even close into the millions. Russia Beyond the Headlines takes a closer look at Bilbo Baggins’ film journey.
As the third part of the epic film adaptation of Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” appeared in cinemas at the end of 2003, with box-office takings surpassing those of both its predecessors, it appeared to be only a matter of time before the same team would bring the prequel to the big screen.

New Zealand shell firms linked to Russia Print E-mail

2 December 2012, Sunday Star-Times, Fairfax New Zealand Limited. A RUSSIAN woman and a Cypriot yoga teacher are at the centre of a complex shell-company operation involving billions of dollars moving through two Auckland-based internet foreign exchange companies.
Marina Nebyshenkova touts the benefits of, a web address registered in Newmarket, Auckland, and claiming to do monthly business worth $255 billion - nearly twice New Zealand's annual gross domestic product. Befriended on Facebook and asked what she was doing, she declined to comment. "All the information about our activities can be found on the website." Cypriot Lana Zamba, who may not even exist, is the registered owner of the web address which claims to operate a forex operation in Stanley St, Auckland.

New Zealand - Russia: Stephen Jennings' Exit Is a Big Loss for Russia Print E-mail

26 November 2012 | Moscow Times, Issue 5022, By Bernie Sucher, Since the fall of Bear Stearns in 2007, the scene has been repeated tens of thousands of times. With colleagues staring, you search your desk for the things most important to you. You pack up the lot as best you can with whatever bag or box might be at hand. You say a few awkward goodbyes and walk out for the last time.

Stephen Jennings followed this script in mid-November, making his lonely exit through the doors of Renaissance Capital, the firm he led for 17 years. The world of finance offers bigger stages, but none of its actors has so captivated an audience as Jennings did in Russia. From the first day, Renaissance Capital was a high-wire act, a collection of colorful and super-aggressive money men banded together by vaulting ambition for wealth amid the land grab that was Russia in the 1990s. That ambition was feral, just barely restrained by the superior, concentrated professionalism that became the firm's competitive attribute. Renaissance, inspired by Jennings' beloved Kiwi rugby tradition, was in your face: muscular, fierce, fast and intimidating.

Russian national skiers pleased with New Zealand slopes Print E-mail

8 September 2012 Anton Gafarov, a sprinter skier, Russian national team: «Nobody believed we would go to New Zealand for training. That was amazing - real snow, -10C during the day and -20C at night, it's our second year in New Zealand and we are pleased with our training for the Olympic games in Sochi 2014. Никто из спортсменов не поверил, что мы поедем на сбор в Новую Зеландию» Член спринтерской сборной России по лыжным гонкам Антон Гафаров рассказал о сборе в Новой Зеландии и определил цели на предстоящий сезон.
О сборе в Новой Зеландии: «Новая Зеландия, куда мы ездили второй год – это отдельная история. Когда нам тренеры впервые сказали, что мы поедем на сбор в Новую Зеландию, никто не поверил. Потому что еще ни разу ни советская, ни российская сборные туда тренироваться не ездили. Это далеко и по финансам накладно. И не верили до последнего, пока в августе 2011 года не поехали в Новую Зеландию.
В дороге мы были около двух суток, устали. Зато потом были с лихвой вознаграждены: на базе, которая находится на высоте 1500 м, лежал настоящий снег. И мы каждый день тренировались на лыжах. В летний период такого мы себе не могли позволить. Температура воздуха днем была «минус 10», а ночью опускалась до «минус 20».


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Russia - New Zealand Video

To see the video of Russia Channel showing Russian Rugby Team training in New Zealand, Feb 2011 please go to

Russia - New Zealand Quotes

The first European to find NZ was a Dutch who was looking for smthing else. It takes its name from a province of Holland to which it does not bear the remotest likeness, and is usually regarded as the antipodes of England, but is not. Taken possession of by an English navigator, whose action was reversed by his country's rulers, it was only annexed by the English Government which did not want it, to keep it from the French who didW.P.Reeves, 1898

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Russia - New Zealand History

Mr. A. Williams, in the Auckland Herald, gives an account of the visit of British warships to Russia last June, among them being the New Zealand. “When I made myself known as a onetime resident of Auckland and Wellington, I was invariably greeted with the remark. Don't I wish I was there now,” which speaks well for the memories the men took away of our country. The New Zealand was visited by the Czar and Czarina and their daughters, probably because Prince George of Battenberg, a nephew of the Empress's is an officer of this ship, and the Imperial visitors expressed much interest in the many trophies presented by the New Zealand towns, and especially in the Maori curios displayed in Captain Halsey’s quarters. The English colony in Petrograd (late St. Petersburg) entertained the Admiral and officers at a dinner and dance, and in return Admiral Beatty and his officers gave a ball on the night of June 27th. The flagship, the Lion, served as a cloak and supper room, and the New Zealand, beautifully, decorated, was turned into a ballroom. The Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna, daughter of the late Duke of Edinburgh was present with her husband, the Grand Duke Cyril Vladimirovich. On this occasion, a haka, danced by 20 of the crew of the New Zealand was a decided novelty to the Russians, and had to be repeated. There were many inquiries as to Maori customs and as to the meaning of the names “Cook”, “Tasman” and “Ao-te-aroa”, inscribed on the turrets." Poverty Bay Herald, Vol. XLI, Issue 13482, 10 September 1914, Page 5

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