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Helping New Zealand companies do business with Russia and the CIS

1. I have a great product/service made in New Zealand and I would like to export it to Russia and the CIS – where do I start?

Russia is one of world’s most dynamic emerging markets, it is the biggest country in the world with enormous growth potential.  If you would like to export your service and/or product to Russia please contact us. We shall be happy to discuss your opportunities in the Russian market and help you develop your strategy.

We also can help you to export your product/service into the markets of former Soviet Union.

2. My company exports to Russia/has a joint project with Russia, however, we are experiencing some problems – could you assist?

Many New Zealand companies come to us when they have some questions/problems with existing operations in Russia/CIS. Although it is easier to prevent than cure we are always ready to help. We have a number of trusted legal and financial advisors and other specialists. Please contact us.

3. Exhibitions in Russia and the CIS – is it worth participating with my New Zealand product/service?

We would advise you to do some homework before visiting/participating in any exhibitions in Russia and the CIS. Prior Group can help you with a special market research for your product/service and/or draft a Programme for your business visit to Russia and the CIS.

4. My company is serious about selling our products/services into the Russian/CIS market. We would like to have a web-site/a web-site page/brochure/other promotion material in Russian. Could you help?

Absolutely.  All promotional materials should be of high quality. Russians like details and perfection. Think of some samples. We can help with translation services and web-site design.

5. Where could I get a market research/industry report /list of Russian manufacturers/importers/exporters of …? We are really interested in getting your report on…

Please talk to us. We offer quality and constructive Russia/CIS market intelligence and independent in-depth analysis of Russian/CIS trade, business partnership and investment opportunities.

6  I would absolutely love to work with you / for your company and be part of the team in promoting Kiwi businesses in Russia, the CIS and vice-versa.

Prior Group always welcomes such interest. We shall keep you posted if any new role appears. More roles may appear once New Zealand companies have more interaction with Russia as a part of FTA.


7 At an exhibition/event/business negotiations in Russia do I need an interpreter? How would I find an interpreter who can direct conversation?

Don’t neglect translation and interpretation. This is not something to think about at the last minute and it is not a job for amateurs (hey, my driver knows a bit of English, may be he can help out…). While more and more young Russians speak and are comfortable expressing themselves in a foreign language, or foreign languages, the great majority of senior decision makers do not and are not.  Many understand English, but in formal situations are not comfortable about using it. They will be more accustomed to American or British accents (afterall these guys were first in the market).  The inability to communicate smoothly and effectively can doom any negotiation.

Make sure that you have your own interpreter, somebody who is experienced in your language field, and somebody who will be on your side. If you don’t have an in-house resource, find somebody from outside. The best cost money – but you will seldom make a better investment. Meet them beforehand and give them time to “tune their ear” to your voice and accent and to get to know your team or delegation.  Minimise use of Kiwi slang.

Consider also how to use your interpreter to advantage.  If you have not worked through an interpreter before, find out how best to do this.  This includes clarity and logic of thought and speech on your part, speaking in “blocks”, to allow the interpreter to convey your meaning.  Speak slowly and clearly.

Prior Group can assist by organising an interpreter “on your side” to accompany you during business visits to the Russian market. We work with young Russian professionals with degrees from leading Russian and international linguistic institutes who have been to New Zealand and fell in love with it forever.

8 Please could you advise if you are able to assist with information on travel between Moscow and (any Russian town) as I have a client who would like to travel this route next month…

Yes. We have a number of trusted travel companies, our partners in Russia, that can help you and your clients with tickets, hotel bookings and other travel arrangements.Talk to us first, we may have some discounts for you.

9 Do you have a clue where I might find a company or freight forwarding company that can provide a 'one off' shipping to … (any Russian town)? None of the major companies can help me with this.

Yes. We have information about shipping agents and routes to/from Russia.

10. I have just returned from Moscow with Russian Rubles only to find that NO bank or other organisation will convert these back to NZ dollars. I am open to any suggestions you may have as I have run out of ideas.

Prior Group does not help with conversion of Russian rubles into New Zealand dollars/or any other currency, however, if circumstances allow we might put you in touch with someone about to travel to Russia and you could talk to them.

11.  My name is … and I am post-grad student at the … University. I am trying to identify the best topic for my …-week dissertation with focus on the FTA between Russia and New Zealand, and I wanted to discuss it with you. Is it possible?

Yes, we can put you in contact with Stuart Prior, Prior Group Chairman, one of initiators and supporters of FTA between Russia and New Zealand. You can also read various articles on our web-site, i.e. Prior Group New Zealand-Russia FTA Submission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


12 My client/partner/… is in Russia in two days time and unfortunately has been let down by the company he had arranged to visit.  He now wishes to visit Moscow and St Petersburg and is looking for assitance with finding companies to visit and interpretation services.  Obviously, this is very short notice.  Can you help?

Yes, we can try our best. Although this is not easy and require our staff to work out of office hours in most cases we can prepare a good programme even on short notice. Please note that we may charge extra for such emergencies.

13. I work for (a New Zealand/Russian TV channel, New Zealand/Russian newspaper) and we would like to ring Mr Prior about an interview regarding the news of a free trade agreement between New Zealand and Russia/current political/economic situation in Russia/trade between Russia and New Zealand...

No problem. Please contact us and leave your phone number/email to get in touch with you.

14. I have a question about immigration in New Zealand. Can you help me with immigration to NZ?

Prior Group does not provide immigration services. We have legal contacts and experience that may be of interest to business people and investors.

15. I am currently arranging a Business Club meeting/Business Conference/Business Breakfast… and would like to discuss the possibility of your attendance to talk about the New Zealand - Russia business links/trade/agriculture/education/relations/history... Are you available?

With pleasure. Please ensure your request is sent to us several weeks prior to your event. However, if schedule allows some business events could be attended on short notice. Please note that we kindly ask to cover the travel expenditures if occur and on some occasions a fee for such participation. Contact us to learn more.

16. Like your website. Can you add me to your email distribution group?

To receive our New Zealand – Russia news please go to the Prior Group front page left bottom corner and click on “Subscribe to our Newsletter”.

17. We own and operate a luxury lodge/hotel/spa…  in New Zealand. We have, over the last few years, hosted a number of Russian parties of clients with a high end activities focus. We are interested in expanding our Russian clientèle and offer reliable expertise and experience in those areas. We are keen to contact recommended people at your end who are prepared to act on commission. Is it of interest?

Yes. We are always interested in potential cooperation. From time to time we have Russian visitors including VIPs in New Zealand. Please contact us.

18 I am currently researching ... New Zealand-Russia connection. I wondered if it was possible to find out more about…

We will be happy to participate and assist in the Russia-New Zealand cultural/historic/scientific researches/books/films and other joint projects. Please contact us.

19 I'm wanting to talk to Stuart or someone else from Prior Group about NZ-Russia business opportunities from Rugby World Cup/Rugby7 in Moscow, 2013/Olympic Games in Russia 2014… for a story in the (any New Zealand newspaper/magazine) business section.

Please contact us. We will be glad to provide our thoughts and share some insights.


20 My wife/husband/son/daughter... has recently accepted the role of .. at ... in Moscow, starting in.. We are currently based in New Zealand... I am apprehensive but excited by the move and would greatly appreciate any insights. Can we talk?

Absolutely. Prior Group experts will be happy to talk to you about your move and give some advice on how you could approach gaining employment based in Russia. We would also recommend reading the following books by Stuart Prior: Russia for Beginners, Russia for the Advanced, Russia – Diplomatically Speaking.

21 We are interested in promoting our New Zealand product/service to the Russian market. We would be interested in setting up a stand to promote/sell our products at some Russian exhibition. Is there anything you can help with?

Yes. Prior Group offers its New Zealand clients public and media relations expertise. We also have some exclusive offers and ideas for launching your product/service at Russian exhibitions/conferences/round tables. Please contact us for more details.

22 Are able to help with tourist visa to Russia, voucher etc?

We have travel partners in Russia who are happy to assist in such matters. Please contact us.

23 I am the .. manager of ..  in New Zealand. We are involved in a number of community initiatives and events in New Zealand/Russia/CIS. Is there any Prior Group event or initiative that we could be involved in?

We will be happy to cooperate with companies and organisations on a number of New Zealand – Russia – CIS projects and initiatives. Please contact us to discuss what is possible this year.


more FAQs to follow. Check up soon for the update.


Stuart Prior, Honorary Consul for Belarus in New Zealand

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