When working with potential and existing investors Prior Group assists in building relationships, focuses on the long-term story and balance sheet strength, not too quick to make promises and is factual in tone, refute rumors and answer concerns of investors, coordinates media and government relations and investor communications.
We aim to capitalise on our Russia/CIS/New Zealand expertise, analytical strengths, market knowledge and professional network to help our clients achieve their investment goals.

Prior Group develops and maintains relations with many Russian/CIS business and government leaders. We have a track record of helping our clients build a dialogue with policy makers effectively and deliver positive business outcomes.
Russian/CIS business and politics are personal, and personalized: the grand institutions of state which help to depersonalize the process of government and provide stability through times of political chance are still evolving. Strong personal relationships, rapport, integrity and trustworthiness are vital qualities for business success. The ability to do a deal on the shake of a hand is still important.

Prior Group unique experience of Russian/CIS business and political segments is crucial to understanding the market, finding a right Russian/CIS partner and providing relevant business advice. We aim to maximize opportunity and minimize risk for our New Zealand clients by utilizing our deep knowledge of Russia/CIS system, market, relationships and networks and by keeping abreast of regulatory changes and business trends.

While more and more young Russian/CIS business people speak and are comfortable expressing themselves in a foreign language, or foreign languages, the great majority of senior decision makers do not and are not. Many understand English, but in formal situations are not comfortable about using it. The inability to communicate smoothly and effectively can doom any negotiation. This is not something to think about at the last minute and it is not a job for amateurs.
Prior Group team includes experts with PhD degrees in Linguistics and Culture from leading universities experienced in your language field, Kiwi version of English and Kiwi realia, people who will be on your side. You will seldom make a better investment.

Prior Group offers quality and constructive Russia/CIS market intelligence and independent in-depth analysis of Russian/CIS trade, business partnership and investment opportunities.
As an important component of business strategy Prior Group market research helps our clients to obtain reliable up-to-date information to expand existing business or enter a new market.
Some examples of our research products and reports are available here. You can also order specific market investigation and/or consulting project to identify potential partners and distributors in Russia/ CIS for your goods and/or services.

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The story New Zealand business people build and tell in Russia/CIS is as important as the company they keep there, and the company they are seen to keep. If you associate with one group of business people, for example, you may find yourselves unable to associate with other business groups because their relations are frictional.
Prior Group offers its New Zealand clients public and media relations expertise in many areas including product public relations, financial public relations, and crisis public relations. We have that fundamental skill in PR which is the ability to build and tell a good story.

Prior Group offers a broad range of specialist expertise, including business and transaction advisory, government relations, investor relations, public relations, research and language and culture services.
Prior Group has contacts with key advisers and companies in New Zealand and Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries who are totally reliable and confidential. We can be trusted to give you the best possible advice on opportunities available and we can put you in contact with the specialists you will need to make sure of success in your New Zealand or Russia/CIS investment.

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Prior Group is a New Zealand company specialising in promoting business between New Zealand, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Its focus is on business partnerships developed to the mutual benefit of New Zealand and the CIS companies.
The Company was founded by Stuart Prior, former New Zealand Ambassador to the Russian Federation (2003-2006), who has over thirty years of experience working with Russia and its predecessor the USSR. Prior Group has a base in Wellington, New Zealand. In March 2012 Stuart Prior became the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Representative in New Zealand. In April 2012 Stuart Prior was appointed as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Belarus with consular jurisdiction throughout New Zealand.