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Helping New Zealand companies do business with Russia and the CIS
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1. I have a great product/service made in New Zealand and I would like to export it to Russia and the CIS – where do I start?

Russia is one of world’s most dynamic emerging markets, it is the biggest country in the world with enormous growth potential.  If you would like to export your service and/or product to Russia please contact us. We shall be happy to discuss your opportunities in the Russian market and help you develop your strategy.

We also can help you to export your product/service into the markets of former Soviet Union.

2. My company exports to Russia/has a joint project with Russia, however, we are experiencing some problems – could you assist?

Many New Zealand companies come to us when they have some questions/problems with existing operations in Russia/CIS. Although it is easier to prevent than cure we are always ready to help. We have a number of trusted legal and financial advisors and other specialists. Please contact us.

3. Exhibitions in Russia and the CIS – is it worth participating with my New Zealand product/service?


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