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The story New Zealand business people build and tell in Russia/CIS is as important as the company they keep there, and the company they are seen to keep.  If you associate with one group of business people, for example, you may find yourselves unable to associate with other business groups because their relations are frictional.

Prior Group offers its New Zealand clients public and media relations expertise in many areas including product public relations, financial public relations, and crisis public relations. We have that fundamental skill in PR which is the ability to build and tell a good story.

Prior Group services include assistance with:

•    Press releases, case studies, articles
•    Media events – roundtables, press conferences, media events
•    Proactive media outreach including story identification
•    Product launches/product review programs
•    Awards programs
•    Trade show support


Be ready for loquacity, you may need it. If you have somebody on your side with the gift of the gab (if it’s not your leader) they should get the floor at some stage: Russians love long speeches.
STUART PRIOR, New Zealand Ambassador to Russia, 2003-2006

Russia - New Zealand Video

To see the video of Russia Channel showing Russian Rugby Team training in New Zealand, Feb 2011 please go to

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