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Prior Group provides language and intercultural communication advisory to support New Zealand businesses in Russia/CIS.

While more and more young Russian/CIS business people speak and are comfortable expressing themselves in a foreign language, or foreign languages, the great majority of senior decision makers do not and are not. Many understand English, but in formal situations are not comfortable about using it. The inability to communicate smoothly and effectively can doom any negotiation. This is not something to think about at the last minute and it is not a job for amateurs.

Prior Group team includes experts with PhD degrees in Linguistics and Culture from leading universities experienced in your language field, Kiwi version of English and Kiwi realia, people who will be on your side. You will seldom make a better investment.

If you have not worked through an interpreter before we will train you how to do so, so you use your interpreter to advantage. We also can assist New Zealand companies with translation of their profile and other information materials on their goods and services into Russian language.


Be prepared for humour. Have some good jokes or anecdotes handy – self-deprecating humour is particularly good in my experience. Rugby jokes are pretty pointless, however, because almost no Russian knows anything about rugby. Russians are very funny. Black humour is dominant.
STUART PRIOR, New Zealand Ambassador to Russia, 2003-2006

Russia - New Zealand Video

     Interview of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key by the leading Russian journalist Sergey Brilev, Vesti

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