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Companies operating in emerging Russian/CIS markets are familiar with bureaucracy, competitive restrictions and politics that come with the territory. Although it is far from the only territory in which Homo bureaucratus has enjoyed a profitable revival in recent decades, the ability of bureaucracies, and their need, to seek nourishment from business remains very real. Given the often small wages of public workers, this is understandable.

Prior Group develops and maintains relations with many Russian/CIS business and government leaders. We have a track record of helping our clients build a dialogue with policy makers effectively and deliver positive business outcomes.

Russian/CIS business and politics are personal, and personalized: the grand institutions of state which help to depersonalize the process of government and provide stability through times of political chance are still evolving. Strong personal relationships, rapport, integrity and trustworthiness are vital qualities for business success. The ability to do a deal on the shake of a hand is still important.

With proactive communication and local expertise, we have built trust with policy makers and connections with people who matter to support New Zealand businesses.


Be alert to the possibilities afforded by the “last two minutes” – the one-to-one walk away from a room, out of earshot, with the leader of the Russian side, to convey some information in private.
STUART PRIOR, New Zealand Ambassador to Russia, 2003-2006

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    VESTI 24 Russian TV: Why do leading world powers treat little New Zealand as an equal partner?

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