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New Zealand is like a dream for Russians Print E-mail

July 11, 2012, Rakesh Krishnan Simha, specially for RIR,
Highly educated Russian immigrants often feel frustrated by the lack of opportunities in New Zealand, but despite finding the going tough most are in for the long haul.

Russians chase the New Zealand dream

Russia and New Zealand may be separated by distance but not by time. At the November 2010 APEC conference in Japan, then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev found himself seated next to John Key, the New Zealand prime minister.

New Zealand Company registration in the firing line Print E-mail

08/07/2012 - - Fairfax NZ News - New Zealand's lax company registration has come under renewed criticism after a local shell company, with the assistance of Russian and Vanuatuan nominee directors, spirited nearly $1 million through Latvian bank accounts.

On July 30, 2010, the High Court in Auckland appointed Grant Thornton's Greg Sherriff and Tim Downes as liquidators of Premio Partners after a claim for 620,900 ($957,000) from the liquidators of United Kingdom firm International Trading Group (UK).

Premio is a company set up by shell company firm GT Group, operated by the Taylor family, whose pre-packaged companies and nominee directors have been used by clients to ship arms to North Korea and to launder drug money.

New Zealand shell companies in Kyrgyz corruption Print E-mail

Fairfax NZ News 02/07/2012 New Zealand companies with a vacant driveway in Auckland's Albany as a registered address have been key players in a US$1.2 billion (NZ$1.5b) money laundering scandal in central Asia that helped bring down a government and sparked deadly riots.
A report by London based non-profit NGO Global Witness offers more embarrassing revelations over company formations that in May saw New Zealand struck off a prestigious European Union banking "white list" because of weak money laundering and terrorism financing rules.
The report also outed several recurring director/shareholder names on the New Zealand's Companies Office register that are likely to be low-paid fronts for unknown people who control the shell companies.
Global Witness' 90-page report 'Grave Secrecy' shows how New Zealand, British and Bulgarian companies moved billions of dollars in suspicious transactions at AsiaUniversalBank (AUB), Kyrgyzstan's largest bank.

Russia, New Zealand to ink environment protection deal at APEC Print E-mail

MOSCOW, June 15 (Itar-Tass) —— Russia and New Zealand will sign an agreement on the environment protection cooperation at an APEC summit in Vladivostok in September this year.
The details of the agreement were discussed at a meeting between Director of the International Cooperation Department Nuritdin Inamov and New Zealand’s Ambassador in the European Union and NATO Vangelis Vitalis, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources reported on Wednesday.

Press Release by Federated Farmers re NZ Dairies Print E-mail

Press Release by Federated Farmers, 15 Jun 2012

Federated Farmers is joyed by Fonterra Cooperative Group signing a conditional offer to purchase the milk processing assets of New Zealand Dairies.  If approved by the Commerce Commission and with that company in receivership, it will deliver certainty to affected farmer-creditors.

“This is an unexpectedly good bolt out of the blue," says Willy Leferink, Federated Farmers Dairy chairperson.

“It may surprise those outside of the industry but we thought Fonterra was an unlikely contender for NZ Dairies.  We now know Fonterra sees the Studholme dairy plant as complementary to its new $500 million facility being built at Darfield.

New Zealand Fonterra buys failed Russian NZ Dairies plant Print E-mail

NBR June 15, 2012 - Fonterra has agreed to buy a Russian-owned dairy factory at Studholme in South Canterbury, which has been in receivership since May.
Under the conditional agreement, Fonterra will acquire the milk processing assets of the New Zealand Dairies Group, subject to commerce commission approval.
The co-op says the deal means NZ Dairies' existing farmers suppliers will be paid in full by the receivers and will have their milk processed and paid for from the start of the new dairy season in a few weeks.
NZDL went into receivership on 17 May, with the receivers - Colin Gower, Stephen Tubbs and Brian Mayo-Smith of BDO - calling for buyers the next day.

New Zealand talks on Customs Union trade deal on track Print E-mail

12 June 2012 - Fairfax NZ News, Trade Minister Tim Groser says free trade negotiations with Russia are very much alive, despite the shelving of a meeting between Prime Minister John Key and Russian President Vladimir Putin last month.
Key had hoped to meet Putin on the way to England and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
But the meeting was postponed because of its proximity to Putin's recent inauguration and the fact that many ministers had not yet been appointed.


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Russia - New Zealand Video

     Interview of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key by the leading Russian journalist Sergey Brilev, Vesti

Russia - New Zealand Quotes

I've never been to New Zealand before. But one of my role models, Xena, the warrior princess, comes from there. Madeleine Albright, 1995
Есть в Новой Зеландии та чистота, которая уже давно отсутствует в Штатах, да и во всём остальном мире. Это уникальное место. Особая удалённость и отдалённость, и в то же время чувствуешь себя в полной безопасности. Элайя Вуд, 2003

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Russia - New Zealand History

We are having long lambskin coats made with outer surface of Gabardine. A good warm cloth overcoat is also recommended by Australian Legation which advises in addition, furlined coat. We have not examined cost of latter but have been informed by a local resident previously living in Russia that they are “de rigueur” for official classes, sheepskin coats being associated with peasantry…Fur caps and furlined gloves are recommended. Top hats are not being taken.
What a country in which the occurrence of queues outside shops is a sign of improving conditions.
It is the most wonderful springtime, the tenderest green on the trees. As always in Moscow, the spring is so fresh, it seems to be happening for the first time.
The Russian language is like a sack pulled over the head of the wretched foreigner. Those like Ruth Macky and me, who have cut an eyehole or two in the sack, have to lead by the hand those who are still living in the darkness. Curious, but the one who shows most promise of all the beginners is Mrs Boswell. For myself I reckon I’ll know Russian well in ten years’ time. It really is a monster of a tongue. Paddy Costello, New Zealand diplomat and linguist, Moscow, 1944

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