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21 May 2012 Hampshire and Suffolk sheep breeds produced in Kazakhstan - Kazakh scientists have produced offspring of New Zealand sheep breeds - Hampshire and Suffolk - for the first time in the CIS.
This lamb was among the first to be born. The parent reproductive material was brought by scientists from New Zealand and it was used in crossbreeding with local sheep of the same breed. Thus, forty ewes were impregnated and they are expected to give birth sometime soon. According to scientists, Hampshire and Suffolk are different from other meat breeds, mainly due to their speed of development. Four-month old lambs gain a weight of up to 36 kilograms while an adult stud ram can weigh up to one hundred kilograms. Another quality of these breeds is their good wool. Vladimir Spivakov, SENIOR FELLOW, SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR SHEEP BREEDING:
-Meat production remains a crucial task in Kazakhstan. This breed meets all the requirements for the production of diet mutton to the greatest degree. This breed of sheep is characterized by high fertility. The average fertility makes up 140-160 percent in normal years. So, every other sheep produces two lambs.

Scientists produced the first offspring of New Zealand sheep at a local farm. There are over a thousand sheep here to date.

Almasbek Sadybayev, FARM HEAD:
-The President asked us to develop the local meat export potential. All this corresponded with our farm’s operation and it really inspired us. We provided the livestock population for breeding in the Zhambyl region, Aktobe region, the suburbs of Almaty, the Ili district and Russia has already turned to us with an offer as well. Recently, we have been contacted by the Iranians. There are plans on the possible deliveries of 150 heads to Iran.



Stuart Prior, Honorary Consul for Belarus in New Zealand

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