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ALMATY. (Interfax) - Kazakhstan posted a January-November trade surplus of $46.444 billion, a 60% year-on-year increase, the country's State Statistics Agency reported.
The republic did $113.2 billion worth of foreign trade during the period, up 41.8% from January-November 2010. That included exports of $79.82 billion (up 51.7%) and imports of $33.376 billion (up 22.6%). Kazakh exports to fellow Customs Union countries amounted to $6.7 billion (up 46.2%) and imports to $14.7 billion (up 36.9%).
China was the main buyer of Kazakh products (18.4% of overall Kazakh exports), followed by Italy (17.3%), and Russia (8.3%). The bulk of Kazakhstan's imports came from Russia (42.6% of total imports), China (13%), and Germany (5.5%).

ASTANA. (Interfax) - Kazakhstan had a central budget deficit of 575.952 billion tenge or 11.2% in 2011, the Finance Ministry said.
Budget revenue was 4.551 trillion tenge and expenditures 5.127 trillion tenge (148.35 tenge/$1 on Jan. 18).
The revenue included 99.239 billion tenge from the repayment of budget loans and 358.7 million tenge from the sales of financial assets. The budget expenditure included 183.85 million tenge in budget loans and 338.32 billion tenge on the acquisition of financial assets.
The revenue and spending targets were adjusted to 4.44 trillion tenge and 5.17 trillion tenge, respectively, in October. The planned deficit was 730.4 billion tenge or 2.8% of GDP.



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