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The Republic of Belarus is situated in the heart of Europe where the roads from Western Europe to East and from South and South-East Regions to the Baltic countries cross. This wonderful and inimitable in its beauty land of blue lakes with rich cultural and historical heritage and deep roots in the past attracts tourists from over the world.

On the territory of Belarus there is the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Novogrudok, the palaces and castles of the richest barons of the Res Pospolita (Poland) and the Russian Empire, ancient monasteries and temples. Among the survived valuable monuments of architecture, history and culture are the St. Sophia Church and St. Euphrosyne convent in Polotsk, Church of SS Boris and Gleb (Kolozhskaya) in Grodno, the Latin-rite Church of the Holy Trinity in Ishkold, churches-fortresses in the villages of Synkovichi and Murovanka, the ensemble of the St. Nicholas monastery in Mogilev, castles in Mir and Lida, the palace-and-park ensemble in Nesvizh and many others.

Belarus is the birthplace of F. Skorina, P. Mstislavets, T. Kostyushko, A. Mitskevich, M. Oginsky, S. Monyushko, E. Orzeszko, M. Chagall, and K. Malevich. Here are also the places associated with the lives and creative work of A. Pushkin, F. Dostoevsky, I. Repin and other prominent figures in the world culture.

Theatre-goers and lovers of music have a possibility of spending evening time in one of numerous theatres and concert halls. The rich traditions of the Belarusian theatrical art have been kept up by actors of the Opera and Ballet House, Musical Comedy Theatre, Drama and Puppet theatres.

Belarus offers a wide range of forms of accommodating travelers. There are 14 tourist hotels, 9 tourist camps and camping sites, a net of restaurants and cafes offering both international and European cuisine.

The real treasure of Belarus is its national parks such as Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Pripyatsky, Braslavskiye Ozera (Braslav Lakes), and the Berezinsky biosphere reserve with their inimitable in their beauty landscapes. Primeval virgin forests unique in Europe, unique lakes, rare species of animals and plants at these reservations carry away anyone who ever seen them.

The Belovezhskaya Pushcha national park occupies about 90 thousand hectares. The Pushcha is the remainder of a vast primeval forest that stretched from the Baltic Sea to the Bug River and from Oder to Dnieper in XIII century. Mixed and broad-leaved forests, meadows and water systems are kept in their natural state. The flora and fauna of the Belovezhskaya Pushcha are abundant in rare species of plants, animals, birds, and fish. In 1992 the Park was placed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO's resolution.

Near the hotel situated on the territory of the Belovezhskaya Pushcha you can observe wild animals in their natural surroundings in large open-air cages. The park visitors can get acquainted with historical and cultural memorials such as the Tyshkievich country-seat, ancient Kamenets Tower, the Tsar Road and other sights.

The Braslavskiye Ozera national park is one of the most beautiful places in Belarus. Of 800 rare plants growing here 20 are unique and registered in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. Its lakes such as Drivyaty, Snoudy, Strusto, Voiso, Nedrovo, Berezha and others, intersperse among hills in the park. The summary area of the water mirror is 183 sq. km. The deepest lake on the territory of the national park is Volosovo Yuzhny (South Volosovo). Its maximum depth is 40.4 m and water transparency is 7 m. The Braslav lakes are inhabited by 30 species of fish, including eel which is important as food-fish.

The national park offers to its visitors walking, riding, motor, and water trips, excursions by motor ship or helicopter.

The Berezinsky biosphere reserve was established in 1925. Until the present time there are virgin pieces of nature. Apart for the Berezina River flowing through the territory of the Reserve, there are other large and small rivers and numerous lakes. As water is exceptionally clean, many species of flora and fauna survived. Cyprinid, bream, pike and tench are found there.

Walking trips throughout the Reserve are offered to travelers at any season. In summer time the offerings are added with water trips one of which runs along the ancient route "from the Varangians to the Greeks".

The Pripyatsky National Park is situated in the heart of the Belorussian Polessje. The Reserve area accommodates over 30 lakes and several rivers flowing in the south-north direction. You may find here any type of forest representative of Polessje. Of particular interest are floodplain landscapes with their peculiar plant complexes formed due to regular covering with flood water - unique oak-groves and ash-tree forests with floodplain fish-abundant lakes interspersed among them.

The Park offers the possibilities of motor, walking, water, and riding trips.

Experimental game farms such as Shereshevskoye in the Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Barsuki in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, and Lyaskovichi in the Pripyatski National Park offer their services to lovers of hunting and angling.

The most attractive place for recreation, angling and hunting is the Telechansky forestry.

83 000 hectares of hunting-grounds are inhabited by about 130 elks, 240 wild-boars, 140 deers, and more than 200 roe deers. Moreover, beaver, otter, mink, musk-rat, numerous waterfowl, over 20 species of fish are found there.

The Teterinsky forestry and hunting farm has 82.4 thousand hectares of hunting-grounds. The farm employs high-skilled huntsmen having the experience of servicing foreign guests. Here, far off the inhabited localities, you are offered the possibility of hunting with a camera.

The Kransnoselsky forest and hunting farm is situated 40 km to the north of the capital of the Republic of Belarus. Wild-boar, elk, deer, roe, hair, fox, capercaillie, black-cock and other species of wild animals and birds are found there. There is a hotel with all conveniences, sauna, bar, and billiard room. The Chef will cook dishes of Belarusian cuisine, including these of trophies of the hunt.

You are invited to arrange presentations, meetings and conferences on the basis of hotel and tourist complexes in the national parks and reserves of the Republic of Belarus.


Source: Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Stuart Prior, Honorary Consul for Belarus in New Zealand

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