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Russia - New Zealand Quotes

There are the Russians, who are the Antipodes to all other nations, born, it would seem, into a different perspective or proportion, often overtaken by disaster owing to ignorance or vastness, but wrongly blamed for never having been happy.Sacheverell Sitwell, 1941
Жуткая трагедия в Южных морях! Три миллиона людей заживо попали в ловушку.Томас Скотт, 1979

Russia - New Zealand Facts

In April 2008 Russia increased export tariffs on round timber by 25% and announced further increase to stimulate its timber processing. Due to the export tariff increase Russian timber exports to China, the main buyer of Russian timber, fell significantly. In Jan-Oct 2009 timber imports from Russia made up 54.17% of total Chinese timber imports, compared to 63% of total Chinese timber imports in the same period in 2008. New Zealand appears to have been a beneficiary: import of timber to China from New Zealand increased by 148% in 2009 compared to 2008.

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