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Russia and New Zealand Partnership in the 21 Century

"New Zealand and Russia have long-standing friendly relations established during the Second World War. They are characterised by close people-to-people contacts. It is an important market for New Zealand, and we would welcome further development of our trade links on a mutually beneficial basis," - John Key, New Zealand Prime Minister.

“I believe that agriculture presents great opportunities for fruitful cooperation. The Russian market has capacity for New Zealand agricultural products, in particular, meat and dairy products and fruit. I would also single out tourism as one of the most promising areas. As far as I know, New Zealanders have a great interest in your country’s culture and history and would like to visit the country, particularly Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Welcome to Our company

Prior Group is a New Zealand company specialising in promoting business between New Zealand, Belarus, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Its focus is on business partnerships developed to the mutual benefit of New Zealand and Belarusian/Russian/CIS companies.

The Company was founded by Stuart Prior, New Zealand Ambassador to the Russian Federation from 2003-2006, who has over thirty years of experience working with Russia and its predecessor the USSR. Prior Group has a base in Moscow, Russia and Wellington, New Zealand. In March 2012 Stuart Prior became the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Representative in New Zealand. In April 2012 Stuart Prior was appointed as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Belarus with consular jurisdiction throughout New Zealand.

Prior Group  offers  a broad  range  of  specialist  expertise, including business and transaction advisory, government relations, investor relations, public relations, research and language and culture services.

Prior Group has contacts with key advisers and companies in New Zealand and Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries who are totally reliable and confidential.  We can be trusted to give you the best possible advice on opportunities available and we can put you in contact with the specialists you will need to make sure of success in your New Zealand or Russia/CIS investment.


Russia - New Zealand Quotes

It's too bad we, Russians, are not green or blue or purple, because if we were, the world would treat us differently. The West expects us to act like they act, they keep criticizing us – and you know why? We look like them. Take the Chinese. Does the West go after them not being democratic, for not living up to western standards? No. Because they look different. Our problem is that we look like Westerners, but in fact we are not, we are different.Andron Konchalovsky

Russia - New Zealand Facts

In April 2008 Russia increased export tariffs on round timber by 25% and announced further increase to stimulate its timber processing. Due to the export tariff increase Russian timber exports to China, the main buyer of Russian timber, fell significantly. In Jan-Oct 2009 timber imports from Russia made up 54.17% of total Chinese timber imports, compared to 63% of total Chinese timber imports in the same period in 2008. New Zealand appears to have been a beneficiary: import of timber to China from New Zealand increased by 148% in 2009 compared to 2008.

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